Two Hearts Gets A New Look

Two Hearts RedesignJust in time for Christmas, and after weeks of wrestling with code and design ideas, we’ve rolled out the new layout for Two Hearts. Based on the Thematic framework and WordPress, the new theme uses child theme functionality that’s built in to WordPress. It’s still Thematic, just a heavily modified version. Casual site visitors may not be interested in the details of what is incorporated in the new theme, but we should at least mention that the entire site was built on a Linux workstation using all open source software. With Ubuntu Linux as the operating system, we used jEdit and Geany (both great programmer’s editors) for the necessary coding chores. All graphics editing and creation were handled by GIMP, an open source Photo$hop equivalent. If you are interested in details beyond what we’ve mentioned here, drop us a line, we’d be happy to share. There might be a few little things to tidy up here and there, but for all intents and purposes we’re done redesigning the site. Now we can return to adding new content on a regular basis.

Have a look around, hope you enjoy what you see! – The Two Hearts