Clam Bake – Bulger Style!

Fresh Salsa!
Invitations went out more than a month ago for an annual event at Kevin and Karen Bulger’s home on August 26, 2006. Having missed last years event, I wasn’t about to let this one get away. I’ve been to one of their get-togethers before, and these folks can really put on a feed. Kevin’s been in the food industry for longer than the 10 years Polly and I’ve been married, and the family is set to open a new Fifty’s style restaurant in Simi Valley near Tapo Canyon Rd and Cochran Av. Those experienced hands prepared a feast for about 40 close relatives and friends, dishing up a scrumptious seafood variety dinner also known as a Clam Bake. Evidently this is a well known East Coast tradition, though being a 4th generation native Californian I’d only heard the term (never been back east in the entire time I’ve been with Polly, yet her entire family is from Connecticut – go figure!). The group dined on big pots of New England clam chowder, 40 lbs. of steamer clams, 35 Maine lobsters, countless jumbo shrimp, corn on the cob, beer, wine, water and soda, and assorted ice cream deserts. Definitely tasty!!

We got a chance to visit with lots of family, some whom we hadn’t seen for a while. Kevin and Karen Bulger, Jennifer Bulger, Patrick Bulger, John and Terry(Bulger) Kraljic, Emma(Bulger) Brennan, Dick and Mary(Bulger) Van Nest, Jeff and PJ Van Nest, Mike and Patricia(Brennan) Dumont, Tony and Terry(Van Nest) Martinez, and so many more.

Jennifer FerrisJennifer Ferris flew out all the way from New York to partake of the feast, and is one of the family members who has an album in the Two Hearts Gallery and also has clambake photos in her personal gallery.

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