Tile Monthly Magazine 2010

Remodeled fireplace

I want to pass along some news about a new website called Tile Monthly that might be of interest to people contemplating doing their own ceramic tile work, or hiring it done. Call it a shameless plug if you like, but I think you’ll find this information more than valuable. Years ago, when researching ceramic tile for my own home remodel, I stumbled across the John Bridge Tile Forums and JohnBridge.com. The free advice and guidance I received from their tile professionals helped me complete several tile projects that I might not have otherwise undertaken. And because I did the work with their assistance, I ended up with installations I know were done in accordance with industry standards and will probably outlast the house. I also saved a considerable amount of money by not having to hire a tile professional, enough to do other projects.

Tile Monthly

According to the magazine,

“By neglecting to make consumers aware of the best practices for the installation of tile and stone products, the tile industry has paved the way for untrained, unreliable and, in some cases, dishonest workers. Inferior workmanship and failed installations have caused many people to spurn ceramic tile showers, for instance, and look to other materials when building or remodeling bathrooms. “Oh, I won’t have another tile shower. They get moldy, and they leak.” The same is true of tiled floors. “You’re thinking of tile for your floors? Don’t you know that tile floors usually crack?”

New kitchen counter

“The fact is, ceramic and stone tiles, especially modern porcelain tiles, are among the longest lasting surface materials used in construction. A properly constructed tile shower will last indefinitely, and if cared for it will look pristine virtually forever. Modern waterproofing methods render tile showers mold free. Tile floors, if done by qualified craftsmen and craftswomen using quality products, will last a lifetime and beyond without cracking and without losing their allure. There is simply nothing more enduring, and appealing, than a ceramic or stone tile floor.”

I love tile and stone, and wanted to share a wonderful resource that anyone will benefit from. Whether it’s doing your own tiling or having the knowledge to be confident a hired professional is doing quality work, you can’t afford not to be informed – Tile Monthly will be a great source of information of all sorts.

Check it out, subscribe to the free e-zine – I think you’ll like what you see.